Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency

Photo by Alena Darmel from Pexels

I am a Certified HANDLE Practitioner. Please visit www.handle.org for more information about the HANDLE approach to sensory-motor and other learning challenges.

The HANDLE approach is holistic, gentle, and effective

This approach is based on an assessment of two basic components:

One: an individual’s basic sensory system’s capacities

Two: their unique strategies to use these capacities to achieve a task or activity that occurs in their life.

Tasks/activities range from crawling, playing, walking, or jumping rope, to reading, playing the cello, or organizing a meeting.

Once an individual’s capacities and strategies are identified, activities that will strengthen their capacities are given by a HANDLE Practitioner for the individual to do briefly, on a daily basis.

Monthly assessment is made on the progress made in strengthening sensory systems, and on the status of the strategies a person is using to achieve tasks.

New activities are given as systems are strengthened to integrate and improve both sensory systems and strategies.

My approach to Sensory and Structural Integration:

  • Assess sensory systems using the HANDLE approach
  • Provide HANDLE activities to strengthen individual sensory systems and integrate them with other sensory systems in a balanced and need-oriented manner
  • Work manually with the physical structural elements involved in order to balance the whole body with the function of the sensory and visceral organs
  • Work manually to reduce pain, stress, and discomfort in the processing of sensory information
  • Organize the cranial bones, cranial joints and cranial fluid with Cranial Sacral Therapy to make space physically for the sensory systems, allowing the natural movement of the cranial fluid to create the optimum movements for sensory input to be able to be organized