Growing Our Spiritual Eco-System

Discover embodying spiritual forces that form and nourish us in our Humanity

The spiritual forces that help us to form our humanity are always with us, a part of us, and a consciousness that we engage with in an awake or asleep communication They influence and develop us through our lifetime in our capacities to relate to our own self and others. As a member of the human family, we already live in connection with spirit forces in our own way, whether or not we would use these words to describe this relationship.

This spiritually-based communication can be engaged and experienced in an awake state as a meditation, as movement, as insight that is instant knowledge or revealed in journaling, an image, or other artistic expression. We may also experience thought and feeling as guidance from these sources. Through this communication, these Spiritual Beings inspire us, or if we prefer, we are inspired, in our work and in our living. It’s a two-way relationship.

These spiritual forces are also a part of our exchanges in our humanity with fellow humans, plants, animals, and in nature in all levels of nature’s expression and creation, from weather to rocks. Course participants explore how being connected to their own spiritual ecosystem enhances their personal and work relationships and connections to all aspects of their lived relatedness.

In this course, you may work individually and collectively in exploring simple ways to access experiencing our awareness, our self, and our spirituality. Perhaps you will discover or identify other ways to do so that you naturally engage. You may be reminded of your own familiar ways. In this course, we sequentially access levels of our spiritual relationships through movement, art, meditation, and reflective writing and conversation.

Course dates


January 7 – March 10, 2024

2-5 pm

Location TBD in the Columbia City area, Seattle

and online through Zoom

How the Course Works

Growing Our Spiritual Eco-System is a 10-week intensive course that includes an in-depth dive into working with spiritual relationships that form us in our humanity. In addition to curriculum exploration, each week we’ll offer ways to deepen spiritual relationships through meditation, writing, and art. All aspects of the course may be done individually or in community with the other course members.


I recommend supplementing the course with any of my movement classes.

Pricing for Growing Our Spiritual Eco-System

We live in a time where the needs around healthcare and accessibility confound our nation and our community, so we need to build a way forward together. In order to better serve all of you and help you do the same in your homes, schools, workplaces and communities, I’ve adopted a tiered pricing schedule.

I offer limited number of scholarships. Please email me at to let me know about your interest in the course and your financial needs.

Tier 1: Supported

Your gifts and capacities expressed in your work earn you a minimum wage. You may need two jobs to make ends meet. You give to your community and family in many ways, and need to be supported in accessing these services.  I thank you for working with me and being part of my community.

Tier 2: Sustaining

This is my “market rate” price for my services, years of experience and training. Your gifts and capacities expressed in your work are financially rewarded at a level where you are able to pay me at this rate as part of your expenses. I thank you for working with me and being a part of my community.

Tier 3: Supporting

Your gifts and capacities expressed in your work earn you a higher financial reward or you live with greater financial resources. One of the gifts you give in this world is to support others financially through your payment or donation to my practice and this community of individuals learning how their bodies create well-being and capacities at SSSI. I thank you for supporting me and our community with your ability to do so.

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