(Re)Discovering Our Body and Exploring Embodiment

This class is life changing

Focusing on Round Muscles, Reflexes and Rhythmic Responses these classes are for individuals wanting to bring effective and efficient capacity to movement and learning processes.

Each class will focus on learning through rhythmic responses founded in how our movement combines with breathing and cranial rhythm mechanics to engender tone, strength, coordination and an organized calm state. This brings us access to resting relaxation states and focused alert learning engagements that are rhythmically responsive to each other.

Whether you are a long-time explorer of movement, self and body or newly finding your way, you will have a rich experience in this class. Each week we will work with foundational aspects of being able to feel yourself as an inhabitant of your body, and as a Being alive on Earth. Experiencing your spiritual presence and feeling yourself as a soul in a body are all aspects of this simple sensory-movement-based class where reflexes, round muscles and rhythms are engaged as the archetypal pathways we use to come home to ourselves in our humanity.

Course dates & location

Monday Nights
Jan. 8 – March 18, 2024 (No class Jan. 15)
6:00 – 7:15 PM

Columbia City Healing Space/Lotus Collective Yoga Space
4741 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle 98118

and online through Zoom

“Susanna’s classes are just magical, that’s the only way I can describe it.”

“I wish I had learned about this earlier in life.”
“Perfect! Just what I needed.”
“This was my way back from surgery. I could not have gotten stronger with out this gentle strengthening. I am back to my previous activities.”
“Last weeks class was life changing. I brought it all through my week with me.”
“Susanna’s warm presence and invitations bring me peace to explore and discover myself as I am, not as I think I should be. I am accepting my real movement process, and becoming myself.”
“It really helps that I can do this class at my own pace, sometimes I need to rest with it, and sometimes I am able to get that deep stretch, and strengthening I am seeking. I never feel that I can’t make it work for me.”

How the Course Works

Set yourself up with a comfortable way to move standing, lying down or seated. Have a space where you can roll over if you are on the floor, or turn freely and move your arms and legs if you are in a chair. Some explorations involve self touch through pressure points and reflex activations. A pillow, blanket and a glass of water will support you in this class. Some individuals simply listen to the prompts for movement and selectively join in or imagine the movements.

All levels and capacities for movement are welcome.

This course meets every Monday at 6:00 PM or Tuesday at Noon for 10-weeks on Zoom and in-person a the Columbia City Healing Space.

Pricing for (Re)DiscoverIng Our Body and Exploring Embodiment

We live in a time where the needs around healthcare and accessibility confound our nation and our community, so we need to build a way forward together. In order to better serve all of you and help you do the same in your homes, schools, workplaces and communities, I’ve adopted a tiered pricing schedule.

I offer limited number of scholarships. Please email me at to let me know about your interest in the course and your financial needs.

Tier 1: Supported

Your gifts and capacities expressed in your work earn you a minimum wage. You may need two jobs to make ends meet. You give to your community and family in many ways, and need to be supported in accessing these services.  I thank you for working with me and being part of my community.

Tier 2: Sustaining

This is my “market rate” price for my services, years of experience and training. Your gifts and capacities expressed in your work are financially rewarded at a level where you are able to pay me at this rate as part of your expenses. I thank you for working with me and being a part of my community.

Tier 3: Supporting

Your gifts and capacities expressed in your work earn you a higher financial reward or you live with greater financial resources. One of the gifts you give in this world is to support others financially through your payment or donation to my practice and this community of individuals learning how their bodies create well-being and capacities at SSSI. I thank you for supporting me and our community with your ability to do so.

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