I draw upon a lifetime of learning about the human body and its processes in my courses

Key therapies that influence my courses:


The HANDLE Institute was founded by Judith Bluestone to contain, teach and further the body of work that she developed to assist individuals with learning and functioning challenges of many kinds. HANDLE assists individuals with learning and functioning challenges of many kinds ranging from reading difficulties to autism. I am a Certified HANDLE Practitioner.

MNRI Reflex Integration

The Svetlana Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration Approach (MNRI) is often called “The Missing Link”. When primary archetypal movements, reflexes, and tactile information are not easily processed due to trauma or brain disorder, our basic building blocks to ordered movement are missing. HANDLE learning activities themselves may need deeper tactile support through MNRI.

Cranial Sacral (Craniosacral) Therapy

The reflexes for our posture and stress levels are related to the cranial spinal movements. Our bodies reduce stress, improve posture, and release muscular tension and trauma with cranial sacral therapy. The gentle soothing stimulation of the fluid drops our bodies deep into the sympathetic nervous system response where deep repair and reorganization of our senses, reflexes, and basic functions occurs.

Waldorf Approach to Developmental Education

Waldorf Education uses particular learning topics, rhythms, and activities to meet children’s learning needs accurately for the stage of development that they are engaged in. By meeting children “where they are developmentally” their basic mental emotional and physical forces are involved, and not thwarted or frustrated.

The Guild For Structural Integration

Founded originally by Ida Rolf to assist individual’s inward and outward relatedness in their physical bodies to themselves and their environment through the medium of the myofascial organization of the human body.