For Services with Seattle Spiritual, Sensory & Structural Integration

Dear Clients, Families, and Friends,

We live in a time where the needs around healthcare and accessibility confound our nation and our community, so we need to build a way forward together.

In order to better serve all of you and help you do the same in your homes, schools, workplaces and communities, I’ve adopted a tiered pricing schedule. There’s also the option to both donate services in the donation box below (for those who are able to do so) and request scholarship services (for those who need them). Scholarship requests may be made in our initial (free) consultation.

Susanna Reynolds

Here’s how it works

You may choose one of three options as your payment rate:

Tier 1: Supported

Your gifts and capacities expressed in your work earn you a minimum wage. You may need two jobs to make ends meet. You give to your community and family in many ways, and need to be supported in accessing these services.  I thank you for working with me and being part of my community.

Tier 2: Sustaining

This is my “market rate” price for my services, years of experience and training. Your gifts and capacities expressed in your work are financially rewarded at a level where you are able to pay me at this rate as part of your expenses. I thank you for working with me and being a part of my community.

Tier 3: Supporting

Your gifts and capacities expressed in your work earn you a higher financial reward or you live with greater financial resources. One of the gifts you give in this world is to support others financially through your payment or donation to my practice and this community of individuals learning how their bodies create well-being and capacities at SSSI. I thank you for supporting me and our community with your ability to do so.


Tier 1:

Tier 2:

Tier 3:

Initial Conversation (up to 30 minutes)FREEFREEFREE
30-Minute Zoom or Phone Consultation607590
One-Hour Zoom or Phone Consultation120150180
1-1/2-Hour Zoom or In-Person Session180225270

Parents will need a pre- or post- appointment phone consultation. Please discuss this with Susanna.

Payment is due at the time of service. I take cash, check, credit card, Venmo and Zelle.


Supporting your community’s integrating, calming and learning capacities

Susanna works with individuals with varied levels of financial resources. Please consider donating to the SSI Scholarship Fund through a one time or monthly donation. Donating and Community members are further invited to attend events and classes that occur periodically to celebrate the work we are making possible together.

HANDLE Assessment & Program

A complete HANDLE Assessment and Program creation is 10 hours and includes the initial consultation, intake paperwork, a HANDLE Assessment, Assessment write-up, program presentation, phone and email support, and a follow-up Activity Check.

Program Reviews and further program development is recommended every 4-6 weeks for 6 or more visits. Each includes a half-hour preparatory Zoom appointment followed by a 90-minute in-person or Zoom appointment.

Scheduling/Cancellation Policies:

Successful Spiritual, Sensory and Structural Integration requires respect from both parties regarding appointments and promptness. A 10-minute grace period surrounds the starting time of any session, you may have bad traffic, and I may need to run over a few minutes.

I request a 48-hour notice of cancellation. Please let me know as soon as you realize that you cannot make a scheduled appointment. You will be charged for appointments that you do not show up for without 48-hour notice.

I will not charge you for missing an appointment for reasons beyond your control. If you simply do not show up we will discuss whether we will continue to work together, and you will be charged full price for the session before scheduling another.

If you have special circumstances regarding your scheduling (children, being on-call at work) please let me know.

Receipts and Insurance Payments:

My Washington State Massage License is MASS.MA.00019914

I am able to process PIP Auto accident claims

If you are seeking services for an auto accident and have Personal Injury Protection I will process your claims. You will need to provide a doctor’s prescription and Insurance information; I will need to contact your adjustor before treatment.

For all other services, I will provide you with a receipt, and treatment notes if required by your insurance

Everyone’s insurance is different. You will have to determine if your insurance requires a prescription and a diagnosis code from a medical practitioner. You must also ask them what treatment codes they will accept from a practitioner with a massage license. Depending on your insurance I can process codes for massage therapy (97124), neuromuscular re-education (97112), manual therapy (97140), and therapeutic exercise (97110). Handle program work can be processed as therapeutic exercises and neuromuscular re-education. Each insurance carrier is different and I am happy to provide paperwork if you do your legwork with your carrier.