Individual and Small Group Sessions with Susanna Reynolds

I work with both adults and children through individual and group sessions that support spiritual, sensory and structural integration. These sessions are customized to your individual or group’s needs and may be based on an evaluation.

I offer a tiered pricing structure. Please read “How it Works” below and contact me to discuss and schedule individual sessions.

Small group (4-12 people) courses and movement work for small groups can be developed to support you with life’s challenges such as:

  • life stage development
  • pregnancy and parenting
  • aging
  • anxiety
  • grief
  • recovery from injury and illness such as concussions, TBI, or cancer.

Please contact me to discuss your needs.

How it Works


Initial Consultation

In order to decide whether my practice will benefit you or your child, it’s important that we discuss your needs and challenges. Payments, scholarships, and medical receipt needs can be discussed as well. It takes about 30 minutes by phone and there is no charge for our initial conversation.

To schedule, please CONTACT us in the way that’s most comfortable to you. My assistant or I will respond and schedule a phone call with you. Please allow 15-30 minutes for this call.



Next, we will meet.  You’ll come in for further evaluation of you or your child. This appointment is an hour and a half. (If you’re concerned about your child’s comfort level with a new practitioner, I am a trained preschool teacher and have several toys and methods for slowly gaining your child’s trust.)

Before your appointment, you’ll receive forms that you need to fill out no less than two days before your evaluation.

HANDLE Assessment & Program

A complete HANDLE Assessment and Program creation is 10 hours and includes the initial consultation, intake paperwork, a HANDLE Assessment, Assessment write-up, program presentation, phone and email support, and a follow-up Activity Check.

Program Reviews and further program development is recommended every 4-6 weeks for 6 or more visits. Each includes a half-hour preparatory Zoom appointment followed by a 90-minute in-person or Zoom appointment.



I generally recommend we make three appointments to get started. The first appointment is always an hour and a half. The appointment begins with a cranial sacral and structural assessment that is therapeutic and gentle as well as diagnostic. Part of your appointment will include teaching your home routine. Parents may schedule a 30- or 60-minute Zoom meeting post-appointment to discuss their child. (If you or your child are not comfortable with touch, we can start through observation of posture, speech, movement, and interaction.)



Now comes the real integration. You’ll be prescribed movement exercises and touch methods. These are to be done daily, multiple times a week, or weekly.



Your program will be personalized. After the third session, we will discuss what our findings are, how the activities are working, and make a plan.

The treatment room at Seattle Spiritual, Sensory & Structural Integration.

Treating Sensory Processing Disorder

About my pricing structure

Tier 1: Supported

Your gifts and capacities expressed in your work earn you a minimum wage. You may need two jobs to make ends meet. You give to your community and family in many ways, and need to be supported in accessing these services.  I thank you for working with me and being part of my community.

Tier 2: Sustaining

This is my “market rate” price for my services, years of experience and training. Your gifts and capacities expressed in your work are financially rewarded at a level where you are able to pay me at this rate as part of your expenses. I thank you for working with me and being a part of my community.

Tier 3: Supporting

Your gifts and capacities expressed in your work earn you a higher financial reward or you live with greater financial resources. One of the gifts you give in this world is to support others financially through your payment or donation to my practice and this community of individuals learning how their bodies create well-being and capacities at SSSI. I thank you for supporting me and our community with your ability to do so.