Welcome to Seattle’s Spiritual, Sensory and Structural Integration

Bringing you home to your unique human self through classes that integrate rhythmic and reflex movements, yoga and meditative inquiry

Learning together through movement, meditation and spiritual-sensory engagement

Join us for classes based on craniosacral therapy, reflex and developmental learning for all ages and stages of life. The qualities of sacredness and strength are generated, creating self-confidence, honoring, and respect for where you are and how you are in each class.

This work is both specific in steps and techniques, as well as open to curious inquiry and experience. All classes involve invitations to experience your own rhythm of how sensing and movement become feeling, which supports breathing changes and awareness of self in the body as a process, a birthright and a geography. Our bodies become our home to ourselves as our presence and awareness grow.

Reflex Integration Therapy Seattle

My Approach

I’m Susanna Reynolds, and I bring over 35 years of experience teaching and giving treatment in the manual healing arts to my work in educating individuals in accessing their archetypal and personal access to themselves as spiritually embodied human beings. From my Anthropology degree and theatre and dance experience early on, I have been fascinated by the human potential for healing through movement, self-connection, environment and community.

I’ve studied massage, cranial sacral therapy, visceral manipulation, midwifery, and structural integration. To support sensory integration I studied and practiced neural development, the HANDLE® approach, and Waldorf Education. Raising my own three children greatly enhanced my capacities as a manual therapist and educator.

After 35 years as a practitioner and educator in developmental manual and movement arts, I am now focusing on teaching, working through movement exploration, educating individuals in engaging into their embodiment processes to bring alignment, strength, wisdom, and calm of centering their experience of self-body and spirit in their environment.

You Are Welcome Here

Tradition, intuition, skill, science, research, empirical and practical knowledge combine in our heart-felt work together

The learning of the healing arts, and the empowering education and encounters that they bring to both practitioner and client is due to their source in our shared humanity, where learned science, technique, compassion, and intuition interact. I am blessed to experience the magical wisdom of our bodies and soul-filled spiritual being interacting in the craft of manual and movement therapies. The outcome is an exchange in which I get to support the innate and archetypal restorative capacities that touch and movement initiate. These benefits are available to all people regardless of race, religion, financial status, gender, who you love, or how you identify and name yourself. They are born out of the artistry with which we engage our gentle compassion as we learn together towards health, balance, capacity, presence and wholeness.

~ Susanna Reynolds

Accessibility Details: For wheelchair accessibility, Seattle SSI is on the ground floor with no stairs. The most narrow door is 28 inches wide. Bathroom access is a porta-potty that will need lifting up one step. Please inform us of any support needed in making the space more accessible.

Children's Sensory Integration