Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy helps our bodies to reduce stress, improve posture, and release muscular tension and trauma

Cranial Sacral Therapy strengthens your own self-healing and balancing responses. This system organizes our capacity to calm and become still, where self-initiated rhythmic repair and reorganization are generated.

The bones of the head and the sacrum expand and contract with the movement of the cranial fluid, around the brain and then down the interior of the spine, inside the dural membrane. The cranium (head bones) and the sacrum, (the bottom of the spine), move with the fluid much like the tidal water moving from an ocean, through an inlet, into a bay. Balancing and increasing the fluid’s flow is called cranial sacral therapy.

This system is pumped with our breathing and whole-body movements. The joints of our limbs respond to the fluid pressure changes of the cranial spinal system. The balanced movements of our joints are also attended to in cranial sacral therapy. Imbalances in how we weight our joints, rotate them, and use the muscles attached to the joints can be addressed by employing cranial sacral therapy combined with visceral manipulation and fascia release.


organizing a calming response

Long-standing strain and trauma can reorganize more deeply when cranial sacral therapy is used in combination with other manual therapies

The reflexes for both our posture and stress levels are also related to cranial spinal movements. The gentle soothing stimulation of the fluid drops our bodies deep into the sympathetic nervous system response where deep repair and reorganization of our senses, reflexes, and basic functions occurs.

At the core of this therapy is the action where a “still point” is created

The cranial fluid movement is calmed and re-organized. Stress responses are quieted, equilibrium is restored in movement, and breathing is deepened.

Our capacity for a deep and balanced breath through the movements of our diaphragms is related to our cranial breathing, though not identical to it. For individuals with asthma, stress, or any other condition which affects their breathing patterns, cranial-sacral therapy is a direct way to influence the body’s breathing mechanics.

Visceral Manipulation Therapy also works with the rhythm in the body, as well as the fascial encasing of organs

Through gentle techniques, organs in the body are restored to improved function as their circulation, special placements, and tension-based bindings are released and aligned.

Photo by Anna shvets from Pexels