Movement Classes

Gentle Yoga

9:30 – 11:00 am

A gentle whole-body class for students of all yoga experience levels. Includes breathing practices and simple meditation. Through Lotus Studio in Columbia City.

Gentle Yoga with Restorative Poses

7-8:15/8:30 pm

This mindfully paced and gentle class will engage your whole body, and is for students of all levels of experience and capacity. We will be alternating between Hatha Yoga style held poses and simple flow sequences that link poses, to bring our nervous systems into balance. This class ends with resting in restorative postures to de-stress and deepen relaxation states. The last 15 minutes will be a meditation practice for those who can stay.

How the Course works:

Props are Needed: Set your movement space, seated, or lying down, surrounded by easy-to-reach yoga blocks ( or books), yoga bolsters and /or firm and soft pillows, a strap or scarf, two tennis or softer balls tied in a sock, or two rolled up socks. An Eye pillow, a rolled towel, and a glass of water are all recommended.

It helps to have a chair and a wall space to push or lean on as well.

(Re)Discovering Our Body and Exploring Embodiment

12:00 pm

This ten-week course helps you to discover your body using round muscles, rhythms, and reflexes. Please see the full course description to register.

“I am really balanced out.”

“Just what I needed”

“That was magic!”

“Thank You. I have had too much going on in my life. This has been a real re-set It was getting hard for me to sleep at night and I am doing some of these on other nights. It really helps.”

“I have always been too stressed to sit still, now I just keep dropping in.”

“I like that we are finding new ways to breath and feel the shapes on the poses.”