Movement Classes

Gentle Hatha Yoga with Reflexes

9:30 – 11:00 am

This class focuses on how reflexes are engaged in postures in relationship to rhythmic movements. It includes breathing practices and simple meditation. Strengthening and stretching are a part of each pose and sequence.
Sign up to attend online or in-person at The Conservatory NW Community Art & Yoga Studio in Columbia City, Seattle.


Gentle Yoga with Reflex Exploration

9:30 – 11:00 am

This 75 minute class follows a regular yoga class trajectory with an opening breathing and stretching sequence, movement on the floor, hands and knees ( or chair) and standing. In each class a particular reflex, or reflexes are introduced as a focus into the flow of breath, prana, and link between sensing, feeling and presence in our bodies in poses.Through activating reflexes, we deepen our yoga practice in all levels, learning deeply in how to engage the landscape of resources we experience in yoga.

Online only

What students say about my yoga classes

“I am really balanced out.”

“Just what I needed”

“That was magic!”

“Thank You. I have had too much going on in my life. This has been a real re-set It was getting hard for me to sleep at night and I am doing some of these on other nights. It really helps.”

“I have always been too stressed to sit still, now I just keep dropping in.”

“I like that we are finding new ways to breath and feel the shapes on the poses.”