Sunday Spirit and Soul Renewal

Developmental Movement, Meditation and Expression

This class will be a synthesis of content in simple bite-size pieces that is presented in both Growing Our Spiritual Ecosystem and (Re)Discovering Our Bodies. Both newcomers and anyone who has taken those classes will find rich engagement in this Sunday class between exploring our spiritual dimensions, our sensing and soul-filled reality, and our life-based energy systems, creating our physically embodied experience and expressive capacities.

I will present rich, experiential content, that is both conceptual and developmentally sourced. We will engage in movements to explore these dynamics (20 minutes). Then we will have time for both meditation on this content (10-15 minutes) and personal reflection in writing or artistic exploration as you choose (20 minutes). Leaving us time to share questions and our experiences together to close.

Class content draws on rich experience and knowledge found in the healing arts. These works have been translated into accessible self-care and learning. For those of you who do cranial, visceral manipulation and reflex activities with me in personal sessions, you will experience, hear about and access much of the backstory behind this therapeutic work.

Join us in this

Ongoing Year-Long Course in the form of a Sunday Weekly Class

A different topic each month!

Choose to purchase monthly or drop in one class at a time. This course will be run monthly through the year with holiday breaks. Sign up for a month and receive reviews if you miss a class.

Sundays 5:00 – 6:15 pm

Classes start April 7

In-person and online

4610 48th Ave S. Seattle 98118

April Series

The first series will engage developmental forces of calling in and grounding our spirits in our bodies in life phases and transitions, the symmetry in our bodies as a resource and a challenge, and the resource of how we experience love as source, and destination in our bodies.

April 7, 14, 21, 28

Pricing for Sunday Spirit and Soul Renewal

We live in a time where the needs around healthcare and accessibility confound our nation and our community, so we need to build a way forward together. In order to better serve all of you and help you do the same in your homes, schools, workplaces and communities, I’ve adopted a tiered pricing schedule.

I offer monthly packages for this course at a lower rate than purchasing individually.

Tier 1: Supported

Your gifts and capacities expressed in your work earn you a minimum wage. You may need two jobs to make ends meet. You give to your community and family in many ways, and need to be supported in accessing these services.  I thank you for working with me and being part of my community.

Tier 2: Sustaining

This is my “market rate” price for my services, years of experience and training. Your gifts and capacities expressed in your work are financially rewarded at a level where you are able to pay me at this rate as part of your expenses. I thank you for working with me and being a part of my community.

Tier 3: Supporting

Your gifts and capacities expressed in your work earn you a higher financial reward or you live with greater financial resources. One of the gifts you give in this world is to support others financially through your payment or donation to my practice and this community of individuals learning how their bodies create well-being and capacities at SSSI. I thank you for supporting me and our community with your ability to do so.

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